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Kent Classic Wedding Cars - Broomhill

Kent Classic Wedding Cars is a full time Wedding Transport Company with our own wedding cars. We are a leading provider of classic wedding cars throughout Kent and have helped several brides with their wedding car hire in Broomhill.

We offer a bespoke wedding car hire service & can assist you in planning your journeys and in advising you on the suitability of our bridal cars for your unique requirements. You will find us friendly but efficient and dependable; we recognise it’s the bride’s day and it’s our passion to provide a timely, relaxing trip for the bride on her wedding day.

Considering the style of your wedding transport is an important part of your wedding day plans. It might be a classic car, a traditional bridal car or even a modern wedding car, but either way it should be high on your list once you have booked your ceremony and reception venues; it’s never too soon to hire the wedding car of your dreams!

What’s included in our wedding car hire service?

Before the ceremony

First of all, when the wedding car has arrived in Broomhill for the departure (about 15 minutes early) and providing the distance in not too great to the ceremony in Kent or further afield, we would undertake a single trip to the ceremony for the bridesmaids or other members of the family to the ceremony. We can do more than that but be thoughtful of the fact that everyone delivered is then waiting for the bride.

The Wedding car will have the ribbon colour you have specified, be smartly turned out, as will the Chauffeur.

After the ceremony

When everyone is safely delivered, we wait outside the ceremony as photographs of the happy couple are generally taken at this point.

Providing the location is local, we can go elsewhere for photographs or, if you are having a reception at another location, photographs can be taken there.

If the ceremony location is the same as the reception location we still recommend a short ride in the wedding car around Kent; it gives the bride and groom time on their own, the groom a ride in the wedding car that he has hired & the guests a few minutes to prepare for the reception. And if the roof is down on a sunny day, it shows off the bride and groom too!

On request we can serve something to drink which we arrange beforehand. This can be provided by yourselves or we can provide it.

Once the photographs are taken, the wedding car will leave and that will be the end of the wedding car hire period.


We recommend you view any wedding car before making your choice so please give me a call on 01227281541 to make an appointment.