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About us & how the site works

Our philosophy

There are many Wedding car suppliers who are unable to join in with the Internet revolution because their web sites don't rank well in search engines. For some of those, they may well be comfortable with that because of their local reputation, their leaflet drops and presence at Wedding Fairs. There is however, no getting away from the fact that consumers now expect access to information such as pricing and availability at any time, day or night.

The promise from web developers is that the site they develop for you will rank well. For some it's true, but for most it's simply not the case. These days Search Engine Optimisation has become an industry in itself. These companies invest heavily in terms of time to understand how the search engines are interpreting the web sites and change their page content to try and outwit the search engines. Those that successfully engage in SEO can dominate the results pages, demoting the normal, less optimised sites to the second page of the search results and beyond.

This is not good for the consumer who has to work harder to find what they are searching for, nor is it good for the supplier who does not get the exposure deserved.

Our role is to try to level the playing field giving the traditional wedding car company a real chance by making search more democratic, and the good news is it's free for the consumer and it's free for the supplier.

How the site works

If you are looking for your wedding transport:

When you start the search for your wedding transport you are presented with a dialog box asking where you want to be picked up and the date of the event. If this is filled out correctly, the system will then display a range of wedding transport arranged by the items that are closest to you. Only items that operate in your area will be displayed; - you are unlikely to be offered services by a supplier from Bournemouth if your event is in Edinburgh. Furthermore, if the supplier has maintained their diary, you will only see items that are actually available on the date you have selected.

If there is a wide range of items to choose from, you can filter the items that are displayed by selecting the transport type from the drop down list.

We hope that by using this approach you will be able to quickly find the transport that's available from your local suppliers - both big and small.

As if that's not enough, for the majority of suppliers you can get an accurate quote there and then. Just complete the form and select get quote; your quote will be with you with a matter of seconds.

Because the suppliers are based in different locations and they may have a mileage charge, most items will have to be quoted for individually. You can find all of the items provided by a supplier by clicking on the supplier's name at the top of the item; this will take you to their microsite in the directory where you can see which other items they can offer you.

Once you have your quote, it's advisable to talk to the supplier and arrange to see the items you are interested in.

  Suppliers can influence their position in the search by promoting their items but strictly within a limited area.

If you are a provider of wedding transport:

The purpose of this site is many faceted:

Firstly, we recognise that you can't really make a living from a wedding car business unless you have a wide range of vehicles to offer, so the site is free and we don't charge commission.

Secondly, our express purpose is to give equal exposure to all wedding transport companies.

Thirdly, to manage your directory entry you will need an account with Instant-quote.co - This is also free. (See Instant Quote)

Instant quote is what powers the directory, but if you choose to, it can also automate much of your business including your diary and collection of money through payment reminders and card processing.

If you keep your Instant Quote settings up to date, the directory will be able to send out accurate quotes on your behalf based on your business model and availability.

You will automatically get a number of pages in the directory; one showing all the items you offer, one for each individual item you offer and a quotation page exclusively for your items.

Each of your pages is optimised for the best search engine results and has a link to your site.

In return, we ask you to put the link below anywhere on your web site's home page. We suggest you point it to your micro site in the directory. That's it.

We believe you will gain greater exposure and win more business; we anticipate that's what you want too!

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